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Question A little trouble with Linux IA32 graphics drivers

Hope someone can point in the right direction with my problem.

- Downloaded
- read the README
- change the default run level to 3 (REDHAT 9)
- edited the XF86Config file. In it I only had to remove the line ' Load "dri" '
as the line ' Load "GLcore" ' did not exist
- changed the driver to be loaded from "nv" to "nvidia"
- ran the package, and it installed succesfully (according to it)
- booted back into graphical mode, here it just displayed random characters on the screen in text mode, i was able to reboot by pressing ctrl-alt-del, but that was the extent of my control over the sys.

things to know.
I have a GForce 3 (not either of the Ti series)
A nice reliable P3 600 with 3 year old hardware

I tried the earlier driver package as well (5328) and got the exact same results.
I also checked the log file and verified that it had attempted to load the nvidia driver, it also did not have any error lines but it did have a bunch of lines saying that each res mode was not supported, then it said something about going into a software 1024*780 mode which according to it was successful

Any thoughts?
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