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Default nvidia gf4mx440 PCI quake2

i gave up trying to get my AGP GF2 to work and went and got a GF4MX-440 PCI. my motherboards AGP chipset is unstable in linux, and pretty bad in windows. anyway, its a dual boot system and ive got my GF4 to work nicely at a stupidly high resoultion at a good framerate in windows (40-50ish, which is fine for a k6-2 500, 192mb ram).
the problem is running Quake2 in linux, and all openGL things, like GL screensavers. they stutter/pause a bit, and Q2 crashes eventually as it gets so upset at running so bad. i'm using the 5336 drivers, on slack9.1, a clean install; and the desktop works fine with the nvidia driver running.
i've just tried using the "sh ... --extract-only" option and change the AGP variable from 7 to 1, as i think that disables agp. does anyone know if the drivers automatically take care of this? (i never finished trying this as i can't remember how to then install it, i managed it when i was compiling for the aliagp workaround stuff!) its be a bit silly if the drivers were primarily designed for AGP cards.
i've also made sure the desktop bpp was set at 16-bit as i thought the running of a 32bit desktop with a 16bit Quake2 window might have caused it, but setting the desktop bpp to 16bit didnt help (is Quake2 16-bit only? i think it is...).
any ideas about whats causing this would be greatly appreciated, but i dont mean there'll be a cash reward or anything...
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