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Unhappy nv driver used 75Hz, nvidia driver wants 76Hz - please help!

My video card is a GeForce3 Ti 200, and my monitor is a Sun Microsystems GDM-5410.

I was using 2048x1536@75Hz with the nv driver quite pleasantly. I decided to change to the nvidia driver so that I could have OpenGL support and probably better performance.

When it was first installed, it refused to run at anything above 1600x1200. I read through the documentation, and using the option IgnoreDDID helped work around that.

However, with that option enabled, X runs instead at 2048x1536@76Hz, which displays with horrible shadowing effects on the monitor (I'm guessing it is really only capable of running this resolution at 75Hz).

I tried a ModeLine that I found for 2048x1536@75Hz, but adding it to the monitor section of my XF86Config file seemed to have no effect.

How can I enable my monitor to run at 2048x1536@75Hz with the nvidia driver?

Thanks, Casey.

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