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Default Re: 2.6.6 kernel breaks NVIDIA driver?

If you are going to use a TEST release of an OS then expect things not to work. Yea nvidia will probably support 4kstacks in their next driver release but nvidia's policy is not to support TEST kernels / OS's and since FC2 is still a TEST release you can either recompile a new kernel or use Fedora Core 1 or any other distro for that matter. It always pisses me off to no end that people install a test release and expect it to work perfect and the moment there is a problem they complain constantly about it. It says this is for experimental use only and not for production use but yet people seem to ignore that. I know there is the argument that well this is the future of blah blah blah but the thing is things can change when something is in a beta/test release. A perfect example is selinux. It was going to be enabled by default in Fedora Core 2 and now will be disabled by default. Well I guess thats enough of a rant and rave.
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