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Default Re: Quadro4 900 / nForce3 150 / AMD64 3200 / RHEL 2.4.21-9.0.3-EL

Thanks Whig, great link.
If only I'd known this before I'd bought the m/board and chip. In my ignorance I'd assumed that if I bought an nvidia chipset it would be compatible with an nvidia graphics card. Silly me huh?

FWIW running cat /proc/cpuinfo shows that my cpu stepping is 10 and hence will fail to run the nvidia driver properly on the 32-bit Redhat OS.

I actually got a private message from Andy Ritger at Nvidia who said:

"OK, this is the same problem we're seeing; the kernel won't make a
difference -- it's an interaction problem between the 32bit NVIDIA
kernel module and a particular set of AMD64 CPUs. The best I can
suggest in the short term is to install a 64bit OS (the 64bit NVIDIA
kernel module does not have this problem)."

Which is flippin' marvelous. I'm currently downloading the 64-bit version of Fedora.
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