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Default Radeon 9700 - small correction

Noticed this in the article:

"Prior to using this card, this system had run every game and application without error using NVIDIA AGP4X graphics cards. Therefore, it seemed safe to assume that the problems were somehow involved with the newly- released AGP8X specification. Looking to verify this theory, I dove into the BIOS and attempted to force the AGP to a 4X setting. Unfortunately, this setting was grayed-out and could not be altered. Grasping at straws, I installed Powerstrip and tried to use their utility to force the AGP settings. All of these efforts proved to be futile as the motherboard and graphics card were determined to remain at AGP4X."

Bold added to small problem area. Obviously that should read AGP8X and not 4x in the last sentence of that paragraph on the last page of the review.
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