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Default Re: Nvidia linux TODO

Originally Posted by tsauron2003
1. Relase buggy driver
2. Ignore linux comunity
3. Have pizza (ordered from dominoes, using the linux command prompt, of course)
4. Catch a chick flick
5. Relase same buggy driver, but give it a new version number to simulate progress.
come on... please stop saying nvidia drivers are buggy... I installed then in more than 6-7 different nvidia graphics cards (with different chipset). In our company we used nvidia in more than 500 computer for the university just because the drivers are great and stable.
Really... I really tried ati cards (9700, 8500DV, 9000igp). And I couldn't get them to work... only on one machine.... I bet I was just lucky... and it was really frustrating the installation process... and when I enabled 3D accell, 2D was gone...

I switched to Nvidia because I feel that they respect me as a linux user. I believe this is really important... at least to me... and when I do some 3D demo programming in linux, I know I got the same features/extentions as in windows.

anyway... I hope to see another driver release soon....
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