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Default Re: How to setup dual video overlay with Quadro NVS

Originally Posted by Thunderbird
The only special Quadro overlay feature I remember is RGB overlay and it is for some OpenGL stuff and it only works on Quadro4 (not NVS) and QuadroFX cards.
In the case of two videocards each card ofcourse has video overlay support. It might be some limitation of the Xv extension or else Nvidia's drivers to use overlay support on both cards in xinerama mode. I could imagine that a problem appears when you are moving a video window from screen 1 to screen 2. For reasons as this I think they are using blitting.
Thx for answering.

When I use the "Twinview", the XV is left video blitter only. :-(

Can I set the brightness,contrast,SATURATION,hue when I use video blitter?

BTW, what is the video blitter? I can't google for information. What I get is when I play the movie first time with mplayer, it is using video overlay. Then, I play second movie, it is using video blitter..

The gxvattr comes out nothing with NV05 video blitter. So I can't set any attribute at all.

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