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Default Re: 2.6.6 kernel breaks NVIDIA driver?

Hello!!! This thread is about the newly released 2.6.6 kernal, not 2.6.6-rc or any of the mm's.

What part of this statement don't you understand:
" At present 4k stacks are selectable in config. When the feature has settled
in we should remove the 8k option. This will break the nvidia modules. But
Fedora uses 4k stacks so a new nvidia driver is expected soon"

So, the whole point is that NVidia has to keep up with Kernal development, 4kstacks is now the default and the option to change will soon disappear.

So, for the people who want fedora core2 (and that is me too) you can download the standard kernal source and compile(and have a unsupportable system) or you can wait for the new drivers.

And for all you SUSE, Debian and other distribution of the day people, you can thank the fedora folks for making sure that everything works when you get to 2.6.6.
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