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Default Re: Install = Success, SaX2 = Problem, startx = Crash

Hello. It is strange, because I have the same problem. My PC config is P3 CPU at 733 Mhz, Riva TNT2 AGP graphic card, Via chipset based motherboard. OS->SuSE 9.0
So, I follow the instructions strictly in the SuSE HOWTo about Nvidia driver.
sax2 -m 0=nvidia (0 is digit not a letter). The SaX2 runs, starting initializing sistem and crashed down. In my XFree86config file in section Modules
the driver is "nvidia". Changing it into "nv" solve the problem, but i have no loaded nvidia driver.
The message is something like that (I'm sorry but the logfiles are not in me, look upper):
Can't load display at ":0.0"
Can'd mount /dev/nvidia0

In my XFree86config file section Driver, the loaded driver is "nvidia". Changing into "nv" solve the problem, but...I have no works nvidia driver. With lsmod in first row i saw: nvidia (unused).
I can't load nvidia with modprobe, because I got the same error.
Thank you
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