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Default Problems Configuring 5950-Ultra for Multi-Display

I have been having a bit of a problem trying to configure my Nvidia Geforce 5950-Ultra for utilizing two monitors under linux.

I am running a custom build Intel P4EE 3.2GHz system, 2GB DDR400, and SuSE 9.1 Professional. I utilize two AG Neovo E-17A displays, although they do not appear to be detected under YaST, SaX2 or under the hardware browser when attempting to configure a multi-screen display.

The message that I receive when I try to do so is as follows...
Multihead Display Not Possible: Your system does not provide more than one graphics device. More are required to set up a multihead configuration.

I am running the Nvidia 1.0.5336 Driver, and can utilize all other functions of the card and driver, including the 3D support.

Does the 5950-Ultra not provide multi-display support under linux?

If this is not the case, how would one go about solving this problem?

Thank you for your assistance,
Tyson Edwards
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