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Default Re: I Played FarCry with Pixel Shader 3.0

Im not sure what FarCrys "1" setting actually does... maybe somebody can answer this for me...

hmmm... well there was really no game that was running on ati, as well as nv hardware. But there were plenty of 6800/x800's running. I got to play Leisure Suit Larry, Magna Cum Laude at the ATI booth, and got a free keychain.. pretty neat game. I can say however that ATI as well as Nvidia games both looked very good. It seemed games were taking sides, they were either on ATI side, or nVidia side.

As for doom3, the only verison they were showing was the xbox version. Stalker looked very impressive, but to me, I still think FarCry had better graphics... I dunno what it is. Don't get me wrong, Stalkers graphics are nice, but I still think FarCry has the upper hand.

Half Life 2 looked good again, the only thing new was Counterstrike source, which is basically counterstrike redone with the source engine. They had redone the Map Aztec. And that was pretty cool. As far as Half Life 2 graphics, its really not much that you havent seen... The character models look extremely impressive though, easily the best I have seen in a FPS.

It does however, look VERY interactive. At one point a guard chucked a grenade at the person playing, and before it detonated, the player picked up the grenade with the gravity gun and threw it back at the merc, exploding it in his face. Pretty cool
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