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Default Re: I Played FarCry with Pixel Shader 3.0

Originally Posted by Ady
Well that's basically what the Crytek guys already said. It can be done on sm2 and sm3. You're right that it would be too slow on nv3x, i'm pretty sure it would just be way too slow on a R3x0 too.

I hope this gets released somehow.
NV3x cards never run PS2.0...but PS1.1 in Far Cry. R3xx does not support PS3.0 but it runs Far Cry PS2.0 twice as fast as NV3x using PS2.0 as well.
But real difference between PS2.0 and PS2.0 in Far Cry is none...
The same image quality...
The only difference is FP32 vs FP24 but human eyes can't tell difference at this level of shader complexity.

Some people don't see it, but X800XT simply eats NV40 in Far Cry.
1600*1200 FSAA4x AF8x X800XT give playable frame rate for this game, NV40 can't even start it...
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