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Default Re: I Played FarCry with Pixel Shader 3.0

Originally Posted by hovz
while i admit 25 fps isnt optimal and ever since nv30 i tend to prefer ati, i have to admit those pics are a clear improvement. how can u say those pics dont look good? im suprised u said far cry looks better than stalker. how about far cry v CS and doom 3. i know they only showed the xbox version, but u must have previously seen the pc version because u obviously have connections. what about half life v doom3.
Of course they are improvement over PS1.1, what we actually saw with NV3x. But, for me it's not. I'm having that image quality since I owned Radeon 9700Pro and now Radeon 9800XT...Once your eyes get used to, it's actually nothing special

But, I like the way NVIDIA pushes industry. The introduced PS3.0, and it will force ATI to do with next product line. PS3.0 brings a lot....
I wish I see some games with thousands instructions, huge complexity
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