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Default Re: I Played FarCry with Pixel Shader 3.0

It depends if it can be fixed... But anyway compare the 6800 ULTRA to the 9800XT and it surely don´t perform bad And I find Far Cry quite playable on my old 9800 PRO (sold btw. So I will be without a functioning video card for like a month at least :P) Didn´t dare to wait to sell it since I have a feeling it will be worth nada in a month. Sold ot for 220$ btw only lost like 40$ or something on it

The decrease in performance can be because nVidia run in full 32-bit mode all the time I guess in the shader model 3 patch? And from what I read of Jakups post they have indead increased the shader use with the shader model 3 patch which seem to mean it´s not to fix the performance as giving some better IQ.

Who knows I think the NV40 always will be a lot slower in Far Cry but it may indead look better especially if no PS 2.x patch is made for Far Cry so then everyone can be happy lol
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