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Default Re: Support for 4K stack in the next kernel?

Originally Posted by delt
> About 0.1% buy a nvidia card for Linux only to play games anyway.

Multiply that by about 100. Plus, more and more people use Linux, either on its own or in dual boot systems. And yeah there's a lot less games available on linux than the "leading brand" so-called operating system but that's not the point. The point is that if nvidia has a good reason to NOT provide open source drivers, linux or other, they should -at least- explain to me why, instead of ignoring any and all reference to the issue. Anyway i don't see any reason for them not to open-source the drivers (other than plain stupidity) - it would benefit everyone, including them. I assume either they fail to see that, or they have something to hide from their users.... it's not like we're asking for the internal specs and details of the hardware.
I dont see any reason for you to call them stupid for doing so, since there drivers are of a high standard considering. One thing that strikes me, why has NOBODY ELSE other than enhanced(they fixed afew bugs that nvidia did later) the Linux driver or tried to solve the so called bugs?, after all Windows leaked do. Sorry but there seems to me it's just something to moan about.

Another thing, opensource the driver to do what?, since the driver works fine X is rather buggy anyway, AGPGART broken, or linux not detecting the chipset bridges correct. OpenGL games run impressive, AA and AF is good speed, anything more?
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