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Default Re: Support for 4K stack in the next kernel?

Originally Posted by delt
> About 0.1% buy a nvidia card for Linux only to play games anyway.

Multiply that by about 100.
Are there any real definitive numbers as of the use of Linux for games or the number of people who buy nVidia cards only for there very good Linux support?

Anytime I purchase a game and register it, it only offers "PC" for the platform. I really think the numbers are a little low for Linux only 'cause nobody really cares on how many people use Linux to play games.

Speaking of Linux use of games, I was reading in one of the forums at that Mac users are nearly 60% of their business, where Linux is around 5%. I have purchased a few games from them and they are great! When I purchase a game, it doesn't ask me which version I want. My guess is they find out how many people download the version they want (Windows, Mac, Linux). If 5% for Linux games is true, then I can understand why we don't see that many Linux games. If you haven't purchased any of the games, they have demos of nearly everything. ThinkTanks and MarbleBlastGold are two of my favs. I have also purchased Orbs which is also a lot of fun.

I have purchased six nVidia cards in the last three years and my only reason is that their 3D drivers are currently the best you can get for Linux and I and my family play games every now and then. In fact I am getting ready to whoop up by boy in a game of ut2004.

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