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Originally posted by netviper13
I think it's wise to wait to buy a hammer. I mean theoretically they sound like the Uber CPU, but there could be some issues that pop up.
With any new product (that is more then a minor refresh) there can be some issues. Same thing happened when I got the nForce board I have now. On early BIOS and with nVidia's first drivers there were some issues with

- crashes
- rear speaker audio not working with my 4.1 speaker system
- getting winXP to load and remain OK (I had to change one of the BIOS options from default to get an XP load run properly...which I no longer have to do)
- compatibility issues plugging some multimedia cards into the mobo and inability to load drivers

After several BIOS revs much of that is better, but

- The lattest BIOS rev for the A7N266-E automatically mis-detects my CPU and memory capability, insisting that an Athlon XP 1900+ with Corsair XMS-2400 (300 MHz DDR) should be run at a 100 MHz fsb

That would put the CPU at 1.2 GHz instead of 1.6 I can manually over-ride that, but if a crash occurs, it thinks it's from "overclocking" when XMS-2400 DDR and an Athlon XP 1900+ is not supposed to be run at 100 MHz fsb. 1001d BIOS didn't mis-detect this, 1003 does.

- I still get an occasional crash, or worse black screen, where my video is suddently gone. (In the AGP slot there's a GF3 Ti500 and I have the 30.30 drivers now, but this occured on earlier driver versions occassionally too)

I was playing Diablo II the other night, when my screen suddenly went black. Hit the reset button and nothing it wouldn't reboot. Hit the power button (what they call one) on the front, and the mobo never got the signal (part of the ATX spec) telling it to shut off. I had to yank the plug out the back, put it back in, then power up again. Came back to find my 91 zon had died when my screen was black (lovely, she doesn't really die...unless something cheap like that happens and I can see nothing and am unable to move the char) Of all the timing, playing a hybrid zon with titans revenge/lightning fury. Get the cows herded for a quick kill, start using fury to take them down fast when black screen...

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