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Default Re: I Played FarCry with Pixel Shader 3.0

Originally Posted by hovz
the only 3.0 effects that far cry uses tho is vs(displacement mapping), which the radeons could do since the r300 at less of a performance hit(parallax mapping).
FArcry 3.0 not only use DM but also use dynamic SOftshadows in the Nv40 in outdoors . because Sm3.0 allows many Lighting techques in a single pass to be done without an extremely big penalty hit. that it will take in SM2.0 class hardware many passes.

here is something to think about..

Wish one is better to have more options or to not have any?

R420 hardware until now have the edge on Facrcy performance ,but that doesnt mean that NV40 hardware is slow. if that is true then the radeon9800xt should be completly unplayable because the NV40 is much faster.

SM3.0 patch improve alot the graphics!! without much effort ,same will happen in other SM2.0 games.use more DX9 effects than the retail game in ATI or Nvidia cards. so thats why the lower performance. not because Sm3.0 is slow ,but because is doing much more in the IQ department. but the good thing is that you have a choice. to run in mixed ps1.1/2.0 mode like the retail game is.. or to run completly under SM3.0 mode. which only the NV40 has. nad performance is something that can be improved by using lower resolutions and lower AA settings.

without SM3.0 hardware you simply -dont have a choice- of prettiers graphics. is that simple. if someone give the the option to play..
FArcry at..

1)1600x1200 4xAA/8xAF using ps1.1/2.0
2)1280x1024 4xAA/8xAF using ps1.1/2.0 but also SM3.0 with much prettier graphics but in lower AA/AF/Resolution settings..

i dont know others ,but prefer the #2.. Geforce6800users *will be playing FArcry with much prettier graphics.* and no resolution ,AA/AF or other setting will match that quality in non SM3.0 hardware.
because performance is always tweakable , lack of features not.
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