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Default Re: I Played FarCry with Pixel Shader 3.0

Cool for advancement for sure, that is one of the things I must thank NV for this time.
Hopefully this will catch on unlike ATi and the 1.4 waste of time.

As stated the developers will NOT be able to leave out 2.0( or 1.1 for that matter) as 95% of gamers will be lucky if they even HAVE a card that will do that, nevermind 3.0.
I honestly believe that is the reason why ATi left it out of this design, and the next generation card will have it because developers will want to utilize it more at that time.

Cool for us, hopefully the BASE cards can at least do 2.0 soon so we can all move on a bit quicker, but it seems to be a very slow process, as even now most folks don't even have a card that can do 2.0 .
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