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Talking MK: Deception -- FATALITY!

Here's a brief vid Ed Boon presented at E3!!

Beforehand, I must say that ...

* Scorpion's "Arm Rip & Batter Up" Fatality will probably end up on Jax when the game ships.

* Ed Boon is caught making a flub at the end saying Deception is rated E for Everyone. I doubt that very much!

* All 24 characters have 2 Fatalities and 1 Hari-Kiri (e.g. Suicide-Ality). Unfortunately, the Suicide-Ality is not shown in this vid. However, I did see one and it left me in stitches. Ermac was about to do his "Telekenetic Draw And Quarter" Fatality on the victim ... when the camera suddenly zoomed in on the victim!! The victim reached up, grabbed his own head with both hands, and gave it a violent, neck-snapping twist ... and then fell over like a tree.

* These Fatalities are leagues above those in Deadly Alliance ... especially Sub-Zero, Ermac, and Baraka!! You can hear the crowd go "Ooooh" and cheer when they see some of these. Personally, I really love how they combined Sub-Zero's classic MK1 and MK2 Fatalities (yes, all three of them) into just one of his Fatalities in Deception!!

Without further ado ... enjoy!
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