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Default Re: nvidia gf4mx440 PCI quake2

maybe it is to do with PCI timig. simply changing the timing in the BIOS isn't enough for the NVIDIA drivers as they dont depend on the BIOS setting. before loading X, i typed "lspci -v", and it had the BIOS-set PCI latency value, but after loading X it changed to 248, but everything else remained as per the BIOS setting (indicating that the nvidia drivers caused this change).

using "setpci -v -d *:* latency_timer=XYZ" , where XYZ was a hexadecimal value ('b0' for 176, 'ff' for 248, '40' for 64, thats all i know so far), i could then change them ALL (including the geforce card) within X, and retry quake2. it seems to be doing something, maybe not going to solve the problem, but does affect the stuttering and final 'crash'-point during the q2 intro demo (the guy has never yet got out the 1st room). i'd like to know how to alter the individual device latency_timer values, as the *:* is global & some other hex values.

i've tried;
"setpci -v -d 00:14.0:0d latency_timer=XYZ"
"setpci -v -d 00:14.0 latency_timer=XYZ"
"setpci -v -d 14.0:0d latency_timer=XYZ"
"setpci -v -d 00:14 latency_timer=XYZ"
but I keep on getting "lspci: -d: Invalid device ID". the *:* value shows 00:14.0 left of the nvidia card when doing lspci -v, (after i had done a *:* global change it showed me the ":0d" bit also, thats why i tried adding it too). what am i doing wrong?

oh, the only other expansion cards i have in my machine are a PCI SBLive! and an ISA D-Link NIC, and there's no PCI IRQ conflicts.
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