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Default Re: MK: Deception -- FATALITY!

I don't think we'll be seeing Rain in an another MK game for a long time, if ever. He was mainly a stop-gap character in Trilogy because fans got pissed over being teased of his presence in UMK3 (he was shown in attract mode but wasn't a playable or secret character).

Another thing -- Every stage has some kind of booby trap that may give you the impression of a stage fatality, like the meat grinder, the molten press, or being knocked off a platform into a spike. These aren't considered stage fatalities at all -- they're just a MK style "Ring Out". Some people are kinda of ticked at the lack of realism in it, tho, and feel that if you get knocked into the meatgrinder (or other booby trap) in Round 1, you shoudn't come back for Round 2. The match should end right then and there. The Midway team considered it ... and thought better of it as it would grossly award turtling. How would you feel if you battered the hell out of someone Round 1 and, when Round 2 comes up, they pulled off that one single lucky poke that sent you into a fatal booby trap, ending the match entirely with no third round? Sure, it's realistic ... but it would kill the gameplay because noobs would be milking mere technicalities in the gaming engine instead of learning the combo system or everything else Deception has to offer. So ... luckily ... that doesn't happen and it's considered a "ring out" instead. Heh, Boon's exact words on the subject were, "Realism sucks ... and who pays for realism anyway?"

To a degree, he's right. Too much realism in a game can kill its potential with certain auidences. For example, I think most of the Tom Clancy games have too much realism and I've never jumped on the Rainbow 6 Series bandwagon. I rented Rainbow 6 for the DC one day and was turned off immediately within seconds of the first mission. I took 5 steps and got headshotted. Therefore, IMO, Splinter Cell is the only Tom Clancy game worth a damn. At least, it was playable ...
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