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Originally Posted by NightFire
Okay, now I'm curious.
Let me get this straight.
There is a guy, Beckman, who joined up yesterday.
On his profile it reads "registered user", so he's not banned, right?
But none of his posts show up, which means that you guys banned him from posting, although he is not banned.
AHHHH! It makes no sense!
If he is avoiding a ban by using a proxy, shouldn't the "Beckman" be using a different name to post?
Or is that "Beckman" is a banned user who signed up with another name, and has not been banned.
But wait, if he is not banned, then why do none of his posts show?
Unless that means he is banned...which would mean that his profile is wrong...which would mean that...ummm...crap. I lost my train of thought.
Very confusing though.
Banned users posts show up unless they have been deleted. Banned poster means he cannot post from the point of banning on. Depending on how the ban was done. Beckman posts have not been deleted or edited. They are a record of his many harassments of my forums for further use. He is posting now under another name. He thinks he is getting away unnoticed but I see him as do others. You seem so preoccupied nightfire with these bannings. Thinking somebody is looking at you?
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