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Default Re: MK: Deception -- FATALITY!

After seeing the success of Silent Hill and Resident Evil on the PC, Midway's taking another chance by outsourcing the PC port of "The Suffering" out to Encore Software. If it does as well as it has done on the consoles, Midway could become inclined to outsource a PC port of MK Deception!

You try playing a fighing game with a keyboard and mouse.
All previous MK games except for MK Deadly Alliance and Ultimate MK3 were released on the PC thru GT Interactive. They were compatible with gamepads such as those made by Interact/3Dfx and Gravis. Now, with USB adapters that allow the use of a PS or X-Box controller on a PC available -- either online or at Radio Shack for about $15-20 -- there's literally no excuse why the PC market shoudn't have a kick-ass fighting game!
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