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Default Re: Differences between the linux and Win nvidia driver!

Originally Posted by SuLinUX
So what are the differences, to me they seem totally different after all would a Windows dev be able to program a Linux driver?.


If they are so simular then what would be the point of opensourcing the driver as nvidia useally has a high standard driver dev anyway, Your comments are welcome.
Well, as I said in the other thread, I believe that the core driver source code is mostly the same. Then of course there is some "glue" around the driver which hooks the driver up to the operating system. This "glue" obviously has to be different on Linux and Windows as these are two entirely different operating systems. As long as the core driver source code and this "glue" code are kept separated I don't see any reason why updates made by the Windows driver developers in the core driver would not be possible to apply to the Linux driver too.

I don't understand the logic in your second question, though.
What does similarities between the Linux and Windows drivers have to do with whether it would be beneficial to open source the driver or not?!
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