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Default Re: ALSA Drivers wont work with NVIDIA sound card

first, you need to do rmmod on the drivers which involve cards other than yours. also, you don't need to unload the oss drivers afaik. the oss drivers are likely ALSA's oss system emulation.

also, make sure that you have properly edited the alsa configuration file... if i were assuming it's in /etc/alsa.conf or something similar (sorry, i can't check with documentation because the internet nazis just blocked gentoo's website this morning).

once you get into the file, you should see snd-card-0 or something similar, after the snd-card-0 entry, add "snd-intel8x0". also, the next section down (whatever the variable is commented that has snd-card-0 after it), uncomment that.

after that, it should work.

now all you will need to do is unmute your sound. i personally prefer using the ncurses based alsamixer program. use m to toggle muting. if you get a lot of static, play around with the surround sound channel. i had to mute my surround sound channel in order to prevent static (i don't have surround sound, that was just selected by default).

on a final note, i had to put my volume to about 70% in order to keep from distortion/tearing.

also, if you still have trouble, i strongly recommend just building alsa directly into the kernel itself. all of those modules you have loaded can't be healthy.

if you need help on recompiling the kernel, let me know.
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