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So what? These people have families they have to support, if they can get free hardware to review from nVIDIA, then its cool. Hmm... lemme see why they wouldn't really be interested in anything else, cuz they are a NV review site duh! If they were pro ATI all the way you think nVIDIA would be interested? Plus, if you read some posts here before you post crud, you'd see that there is in fact other cards being reviewed. You expect these people to take a big chunk out of their own personal budget to buy something to appease you? Doesn't work that way bud, and when they actually purchase something to review, you should be greatful, these people are doing this all out of their own pockets.

EDIT: I am a regular riva3d visitor and I don't see much of anything that they really come up with on their own, maybe once in a while, but usually they use other people's sources. Not saying that they suck or anything, but its totally stupid to drag out this argument.
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