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Default Re: Differences between the linux and Win nvidia driver!

first and foremost, lets get something out of the way -- the nvidia drivers will never be open source; so arguing for it is almost as if you're poruing your heart out to the wall next to you. the reason why is because nvidia is not legally permitted to do that as per non disclosure agreements set down by other companies associated with nvidia.

the major differences between the windows and linux versions of the drivers reside in the extras that come with nvidia's drivers. along with that is some of the advanced instructions that the GPU's have; some of them aren't permitted to be coded into linux by some unknown agreement with an unknown place. i really dont know the details on it, but as far as i can tell as an end user, the linux drivers generally look identical to the windows drivers.

the only bug i've ever encountered is trying to run 3d applications while xenerama is enabled, when screen0 istop screen1 the engine initializes on the top card and attempts to run (with total falure) on the bottom screen. i'm still not sure wether or not to blame nvidia or XFree for this though.

i guess there may be some other things, but i personally have never noticed any of them.

edit: i forgot my source, but this is all information i got a while back -- if you want i will look it up
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