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This is horrible.. if Parhelia was $150 or less I'd buy it in an instant... i know that wont happen though

I really really really want a Matrox card.. they need to release something that makes the price worth it.. and I hope they get to release a competitave card at a good price before they go under .. even if it doesnt save them, just so they can go out with a bang? seems like being privately owned just isnt possible for such a competitave market.. especially with managemnt as bad as this person says it is at matrox ..

maybe they'll go public.. dunno if it would save them, but it works for nvidia and ati ... Matrox has some great engineers and some support people that make me jealous of the people ..

damn... i really want Matrox to come out of this with a product that whoops ati and nvidia's ass.. sets new standards and takes no1.. i know it wont happen, but it'd be nice .. im sick of ati and nvidia..
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