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Default Re: I Played FarCry with Pixel Shader 3.0

Originally Posted by Spotch
The method currently used on ATI cards is "True" HDR and has been available on R300 cards for almost two years now. NV still doesn't have it in any currently available card.

Besides even when the 6800 line finally hits the shelves in June, no game on the planet will attempt to implement 64bit FPblending/filtering on NV40 hardware. It would end up being a slideshow. It is a useless feature to gamers. NV probably put that in for the Pro Graphic workastation cards. Besides even when the game devs pop HDR into a game and decide to use these so called "hacks and difficult workarounds" it will still run twice as fast on an X800 as compared to any NV40.



Valve seems to not be completly satisfied with the HDR in ATI cards in this interview December2003 (5 moths ago). they are expecting something better ,in their own words " better implementations" i also provide some screenshots. about limitations of previous HDR techniqes. SplintelCEll3 is officially supporting SM3.0 (comming this year) and advanced HDR LIghting effects ,CRoteam programmers of SeriousSAm2 is working with Fp blending capabilities too in their engine.the last time i read that it also was comming this year.

"With the GeForce 6800, NVIDIA brings long-awaited true high dynamic range imaging to gaming. The ability to perform blending and filtering on floating-point formats (combined with enormous processing power!) really makes for a wonderful feature that we're definitely looking forward to fully exploit in our Serious Engine™."

Dean Sekulic, Programmer, Croteam


"I think that NVIDIA's GeForce 6800 is a brilliant card. Because it implements Microsoft DirectX 9.0 features at full speed and quality, it is going to dramatically increase overall performance of today's DirectX 9.0 games, including Painkiller. In particular, it has enough power headroom to do many full scene post-processing effects at very high resolutions with extremely high quality thanks to 64-bit floating point color texture filtering and blending, and shading in 32-bit floating point precision. I am also very happy with the introduction of vertex stream frequency – a wonderful tool that improves batching and allows us to unleash the GeForce 6800's astonishing vertex and pixel throughput."

Klaudiusz Zych, Technology Programmer, People Can Fly

True /easy and /accurate/ HDR rendering is the words i have read many times from game developers to describe the Nv40 new 64bit FP blending/filtering modes.. (used by holywood studios) dont confuse it with half precision .Shading still is done in FP32 (is the minimun for SM3.0). FP Blending/filtering is a must have feature for ADvanced HDR effects and other post processing effects .no other hardware support that .seems that multiple source of light (like the ones one expect to see in games) shows errors in previous HDR techniques ,making them limited for practical usage .
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