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Default Re: I Played FarCry with Pixel Shader 3.0

Originally Posted by Nv40
Valve seems to not be completly satisfied with the HDR in ATI cards in this interview December2003 (5 moths ago). they are expecting something better ,in their own words " better implementations" i also provide some screenshots. about limitations of previous HDR techniqes. SplintelCEll3 is officially supporting SM3.0 (comming this year) and advanced HDR LIghting effects ,CRoteam programmers of SeriousSAm2 is working with Fp blending capabilities too in their engine.the last time i read that it also was comming this year.

True /easy and /accurate/ HDR rendering is the words i have read many times from game developers to describe the Nv40 new 64bit FP blending/filtering modes.. (used by holywood studios) dont confuse it with half precision. Shading still is done in FP32 (is the minimun for SM3.0). FP Blending/filtering is a must have feature for ADvanced HDR effects and other post processing effects .no other hardware support that .seems that multiple source of light (like the ones one expect to see in games) shows errors in previous HDR techniques ,making them limited for practical usage .
What is advanced HDR? HDR that we will see next year or maybe by 2006? Hey we arent rendering star wars here.... we gotta have stuff we can use in a real game before we start treating these images like frames from a movie...

Floating point blending is not a SM 3.0 feature. And for the folks in the cheap seats, R300 hardware is not doing half precision thats an NV thing.

Again how many HDR light sources do you honestly think that NV40 can handle? Uhhhhh maybe two... that is without causing a power supply failure... Anyhow we are talking about science fiction here when it comes to real time rendering capability. You throw more than one HDR source into a scene with more than a cardboard box in it and we have a slide show. But hey if you want these cool effects in a game next year we will all be arguing about NV50 and R500 . <-----Period

Anyhow I love what NV is trying to do but I will let the production teams of FX houses play with it for a couple years. Meanwhile I intend to buy something that will make real games run at the fastest performance levels.
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