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Default Re: nvidia driver crash when starting X

The strange thing is that error seemed to come at totally random places. Or so I think because the logfile was cut off at unlogical places. Sometimes after "(II) Loading /usr/X11R6/lib/modules/libfb.a" sometimes after all the "(II) NVIDIA(0): Not using default mode "1024x768" (hsync out of range)" lines, sometimes after "GetModeLine - hdsp: 1024 hbeg: 1048 hend: 1184 httl: 1344" which should be the last line that is written, sometimes after "(II) resource ranges after preInit:"...

It seems to be working now. Or I might be jinxing it by thinking so. Added: Option "NoLogo" "1"... Which would make this the stupidest error ever.
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