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Talking Linux Core distribution and Geforce driver. SOLUTION FOUND!

I have the Core Distribution of linux (version: 2.4.18, patched with low latency patch) and i would like to install the graphics card driver mainly for playing Divx videos and stuff with Mplayer. But i can't install the drivers i have the following file downloaded from the driver site:

When i run the file with the following command:


It runs the installer but i'm getting the message that i'm not using the same compiler which i used to comile my linux kernel. :S! But according i used version gcc 3.2 to compile my kernel and it's the same version so i don't get it .

gcc-version-check failed:
Could not compile gcc-version-check.c

And when i want to resume anyway i get the following message:

Unable to build NVIDIA kernel module.
and exits the setup :'(.

I don't get it! Could any1 help me please! Note that i'm a linux noob!

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