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Default Re: I Played FarCry with Pixel Shader 3.0

Originally Posted by GlowStick
Actually Radeon cards can only do 'Low Dynamic Range'

The R420's cannot run HDR twice as fast as the NV40, that is competley made up.
Any lighting precision greater than 8bits is considered HDR so you are wrong.

Secondly I offer the links as a representative comparison of HDR lighting demo by one of the leading experts on HDR renders Paul Debevec and you say I make things up when I am actually only reporting on what proof I could find. If its the case that you just wanted to be nasty and didnt bother with the links, well then what can I say. Otherwise you can get your own "Made Up" stuff using the HDR demo program developed by Mr. Debevec. Its a pretty slick little ficticious demo that you may want to try. Its fun for fabricating proof and you can probably even get it to render an HDR GlowStick.

BTW I didnt see any settings for LDR renders????

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