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Lightbulb Re: I Played FarCry with Pixel Shader 3.0

Originally Posted by hovz
how about this. go outside, pick up a rock, bring it inside, put it under the faucet, go back otuside in the sun and see if it has specular properties
Ok... I will take you up on that offer
AHHH!!! Too bright!!! Luckily I brought my non SM3.0 ATI hat.. hopefully it will reflect all the light:

For our experiment, we will take an everyday beach rock, and submerge it in water. We shall see how, and if it reflects light. Here is the beach rock, yes, it is on my mailbox:

Lets dunk it in water! Its kinda dark outside, so lets take it in the bathroom light: (Bonus game, spot the hidden A64 logo!!)

I see a small sparkle there!! Luckiley my ATI shirt had no reflections, as to not distract me from the rock. Lets take the rock back outside:

No shine?!?!??! I think we need to conduct this experiment when it is more light outside.. until next time... Unfortunately my experiment was non-conclusive.
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