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Default Re: OpenGL, GF2 okay, GF4 freezes

Originally Posted by Wolfman [TWP]
Well it seems that you do have a problem, as your glxinfo output states that you don't have direct rendering enabled.
Ok, I fixed that. I was missing a symbolic link for one of the libraries in the nvidia directory (as described in the nvidia-glx readme). Now, glxinfo shows "direct rendering: Yes"

I do not see any warnings or errors in my XFree86.log. (well, "larger than EDID-specific maximum", etc)

The glx readme says that I should see "NVIDIA-GLX" in the xdpyinfo output. I don't. I do see "GLX" and "NV-GLX", as it also suggests.

The game behaves the same as before.

Anything else?

Thanks for the help.
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