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Default GeForce 5650 GO - Linux (gentoo) problems

I'm running on a inspiron 8600 laptop with a geforce 5650 with a 1680x1050 screen.

I've tried getting the nvidia-kernel and nvidia-glx drivers working with my the system in gentoo linux. After compiling / loading and cofiguring everything as it should work x11 just crashes (ctrl-alt-backspace etc.. doesn't work, it's just completely crashed). The 'nv' drivers do work tough, but that's without opengl support offcourse.

After i do a hard reboot most of the times the nvidia-kernel drivers have 'corrupted' some way and sometimes even the xorg.conf is corrupted (contents are @^@^@ etc... - the same happened with xfree).
And after the reboot the x11 config files don't show any errors/bugs/problems either... I've only tried the latest 5336 nvidia drivers tough, i'm not sure if it's usefull to try older drivers?

I'm currently running on the 2.6.6-mm kernel but i also tried the 2.6.5-mm kernel (exactly the same problem).

I really hope someone has a solution or knows what could possibly be wrong.

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