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Default Re: OpenGL, GF2 okay, GF4 freezes

Originally Posted by Wolfman [TWP]
What are the server flags section for???
man XF86Config

       The  ServerFlags  section is used to specify some global X server options.
       Option "OffTime"  "time"
              sets the inactivity timeout for the "off" phase of DPMS mode.
The man pages doesn't have anything for "RandR", but I think that one is pretty obvious.

I'll try removing those when I am at the machine to see if there is any difference.

Could the problem be related to the card, ie features the are or are not present in a TI4200 that are different than an MX400 or FX-5950Ultra, that are used by the game? Is there any way to disable certain features (like removing the interface from the source code that gets compiled when the driver is installed)?
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