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Default Re: Linux Core distribution and Geforce driver.

MMM didn't know that it was for more advanced users but i've chose the distro because it starts really fast and it's running on an MP3 jukebox and i wan't to keep it start really fast. (starts within 10 sec: Stuff like LCDd, Irmp3d, Irexec, Network, Btfpd, Telnetd, Soundcard loaded). I can play video formats like DIVx on it but sometimes it falters a little so would like to get video acceleration.
And i think it's strange why shouldn't it run on this distro! But i'f someone else has a distro which starts faster than 10 sec on a 466 cely with the stuff loaded described above let me know!

connyosis, many MANY thanks for your reply i appreciate it very very much! I'll try the stuff you described below... Hope it works! BTW i did a search on google and found that i might need the following: glibc-1.09.1.tar.gz don't know if it is the same thing as gcc but could that be the issue that it might not be installed?
Linux rig (JukeboXz): 800Mhz pIII/Core dist V.2.6.13/SB Live 5.1/Geforce fx5200/256MB mem/Pinnacle SAT CI DVB card
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