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Default Re: I Played FarCry with Pixel Shader 3.0

Originally Posted by Lfctony
You compared the 6800U from 1 review with the X800XT of another? Just to clarify things, the 6800 is on an FX53 and the X800XT on a 3.4 Northwood, so its hardly a fair comparison. The X800XT is very cpu limited on that system. We know that faster CPUs benefit the X800XT much more than the 6800U.
I did not choose the review set up. You think people would not naturally look at both reviews? The CPU holding back the GPU is much more a factor at lower resolutions. It is much more about the card at 1200x1600. A 3.4 Northwood is not exactly a gimp set up. My 2.8c running at 3.2 with a 1:1 ratio delivers a 5640 read in the Aida32 memory bench.

I think the point in all of this is there are mixed reviews out there. Anyone that want's to show the X800XT 'owning' can find it if they look. The fact is you have a card that is 125mhz faster using an adaptive 'trylinear' filter that on occassion loses, matches or beats the 6800U. The fact that most of these wins are with the 'trylinear' is not surprising. I would think the X800XT would beat the 6800U nicely and at all times, but it does not.

I should also mention Ati explicitly requested from many sites that the Nvidia 6800U be benched with full trilinear engaged, knowing full well they had an adaptive filter in place that applies what it wishes.

Some have embraced the idea that full trilinear filtering quality can be had with a 1FPS hit or less. Fine, good for them. I will be using the 60.72's with optimizing off. I do not want 'trylinear' OR brilinear shoved down my throat.
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