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Default Re: GeForce FX5600 glxgears benchmark

Originally Posted by james
To all who have posted their benchmarks, thanks, it confirms my suspicions that I am getting really bad framerates for glxgears from my FX5600. I had to replace a Ti4200 that went bad...
There's nothing wrong with your card. It's just that in all the benchmarks I've seen at hardware reviews, the 4200 beats the FX5600 in most cases. In fact, before I bought my Ti-4600, I compared the newer FX boards with the Ti-4600, and only the FX5800 and above would beat it in all the benchmarks.

GLXgears is not very useful, but a rough estimate. With 32-bet depth, I get ~4500 fps, and at 16-bit depth I get ~7000fps. The glxgears measurements you report for your FX card are accurate. In real world benchmarks, hardware review sites put your FX5600 card right at or below the 4200. It's too bad you can't pull the 'ole 4200 outta the trash can and whip out a soldering iron.
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