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Question Now Tou See It, Now You Don't

I have just installed Xandros OS which went snoothly untill I re-booted, after choosing Xandros from the LILO menu, the screen goes blank and after about 5-8 minutes the Nvidia Splash screen appears, then disapears, the mouse pointer then appears and then disappears, then the whole this repeats itself, i have to power down and then reboot. If i select safe video mode i can boot to the Xandros desktop.

My system is as follows.

ASUS A7V266-E Motherboard
AMD 1800+ Processor
Nvidia GeForce3 Ti500 Graphics Card
512 MB Ram
100GB Western Digital HD
10GN Fujitsu HD
Sound Blaster Audugy Sound Card

I hope some one can help me, as i would really like to switch to Linux but if I can't get £D accellaration under Linux then I may have to stick with Windows.

Thanks All

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