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Default Re: Nvidia 5336 driver with Fedora Core 2

Originally Posted by slriv
No.... the right thing to have been done is to not release a distribution where 50% of the possible users can't even use it. I'm pissed off at Fedora, not nvidia. I agree with your sentiments, but that's really another problem.
Hmmm... Lets see, nVidia will not work on the drivers UNLESS it is a release version -- they will not work on drivers DURING the beta process.

So Fedora would NEVER be able to release using 4K stacks since there are NO OTHER OPTIONS. 4K stacks are required to improve performance of Java applications (websphere, Weblogic, etc are based on Java)

There are many different choices in distributions that out of the box will still support the nVidia drivers as is (including Fedora 1) -- don't move until the drivers are updated! Unfortunately there are not many different sources for nVidia 3D drivers
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