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Default Re: I Played FarCry with Pixel Shader 3.0

Originally Posted by Lfctony
I know what you mean, both are great cards, I myself have great difficulty deciding which of the 2 I will get. I've changed my mind many times so far and though I'm currently leaning towards Nvidia's 6800U, I'm still not sure what I will eventually buy. I sell PCs and I get Nvidia cards faster and cheaper than ATI ones, though I still will get an X800XT if I find a good deal.
i'm gonna have both so i can argue with myself

MaNiaC: man, this x800 rocks! SMwhat! bwahahaha!

CaiNaM: pfft.. a 9800 on steroids.. 3dc? suppose you're gonna go wipe Gabe "the doughnuts are gone.. again!" Newell's arse and beg for the mythical HL2?

MaNiaC: heh.. you're just jealous! i have my card and you don't!

CaiNaM: bah.. they'll ship early may.. err.. mid may.. err.. late may.. err.. june?

MaNiaC: muahahahaha! you've been wtfpwned!!!!

CaiNaM: nah, i'm fine.. ye of little faith. SM3 will make you jealous, it'll be worth the wait.

MaNiaC: d000d!!! those flat rocks freakind ownz d99d!!!!

CaiNaM: hey.. that's beta.. and we haven't even really seen it.. it'll be better. besides, you know with the NEW nv architecture (unlike the ancient r300 crap you have) there's alot more headroom for driver opts & performance increases.. and there will be patches for sm3, and new games coming, and you'll see.

MaNiaC: heh.. ok, daydream all you want.. i'm gonna go enjoy playing Far Cry with 4xaa/8xaf @ 1600x1200 my card NOW. go post something at you guys can all daydream about when they'll ship you that 6800 you're waiting for!

heh.. would love a 6800gt to compare with my x800. so.. dang.. when can i buy my 6800?
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