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Post Re: Fedora Core 2 - lockup problems

Originally Posted by slriv
I'm baffled that Fedora Core 2 was even released with this big a hole in it. Distributions need to think about their customer base before they start dumping 'geeky' kernel options that break most people's machines.
Well, yes, but that's another story. But, one interesting thing is that this wouldn't happen if nVidia would Open Source their drivers. Either the Fedora people wouldn't set the geeky kernel option because it breaks one of the drivers, or someone would fix the driver so it worked again. As it is, nobody feels any obligation to accomodate the other in any way.

You see this all the time in the proprietary world when you don't have an evil, controlling force like Microsoft calling the shots. It's glaring and unpleasant when it rears its ugly head in the Open Source world.
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