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Default Re: wake on lan (WOL) under linux

After reading other posts in this forum, I've written a patch to the nforce-1.0-0256 driver that enables WOL on my system (Chaintech 7NIF2). The patch simply adds a reboot notifier that puts the network adapter in the D3 power state at shutdown. Hopefully, NVIDIA won't mind if I attach the patch here? The License doesn't really mention anything about patches to the source. It's mostly added code so only a few lines of the original source appear in the patch.

Some notes:
(1) The patch is relative to the 0256 release, *not* the 0261 release which is the latest. I haven't had problems with the 0256 release, but I've heard about some problems involving 0261, so I haven't upgraded.
(2) I don't use forcedeth yet... I'd prefer an open driver, but I'll wait a bit for it to mature before switching since 0256 is working for me.
(3) I'm using kernel 2.4.25 with ACPI/IO-APIC enabled. This patch probably won't help people running the 2.6 series kernel.
(4) Make sure to enable WOL in the BIOS.
(5) The patch won't work if your system shutdown scripts disable network interfaces during the halt sequence.
e.g. halt -d -f -i -p
You'll need to remove the '-i' option... I haven't investigated whether this is because the call to pfnSetPowerState doesn't work if called after pfnDeinit or if some other hardware setting disables WOL when the interface is closed. (MAC address reset?)
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