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Question startx Problem 2.6 kernel Gforce ti4600

I have had the Nvidia driver working with this hardware configuration before. I have installed many different distros in recent years and the driver usually just works. I have XFree working with the nv driver but if i switch to the nvidia driver it just doesnt seem to want to start. Could this be the 2.6 kernel? Running Gentoo, Stage 2 Install, and have tried it with both the gentoo-sources and love-sources kernels, the first is 2.4 kernel, the later is 2.6 kernel. out put at the end of the log states no screens found but I have had it working with this config file, just with the nv driver instead. As mentioned in the title, running Geforce ti4600. Gentoo v2004.1 multiple kernels. Been thinking about a completely fresh install of gentoo, from a stage 3, cause i know it worked in v2004.0 with a stage 3 install, but everyone knows stage 2 is so much cooler.

Any and all help appreciated.
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