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Default Re: DFP and TV swapped around

Originally Posted by Wolfman [TWP]
It's my understanding that the Linux driver has problems with the DVI ports on the graphics cards that have them. (Yeap, even the current drivers) I beleive that Nvidia is working on a fix. This is why I have not bothered using the DVI port, until the problems with it are fixed.

Hmm, maybe. I can't watch full screen videos with DVI either, the picture looks like every other line is offset from the previous one by a few pixels (jagged lines I think somebody called it). This is also "fixed" by changing to VGA input. But there have been several driver updates since problems with DVI started to surface and no change yet. There is also no mention of this in the known issues part of the release notes, so I don't know if nVidia has acknowledged that there is a problem with DVI input.

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