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Question X hangs with horizontal white lines on logout

lately I upgraded my system from fedora 1 to fedora 2. I graped and installed the latest nvidia driver (5336). X seemed to be fine. But When I logged out the x server, the screen locked up with white horizontal lines across the two screens. Only a hard reboot is the way out.

After I login (run level 3), and start x again, the screen is black and no response.

The only way to get X up running again, is to run it first with the generic "nv" driver, logout and then restart X with the "nvidia" driver.

I have a twin view configuration enabled, but that was not the problem since I tested it out with single monitor also.

I played with the NvAGP option and the problem is the same every time.

The Interesting thing is that this problem does not appear in my amd64 desktop. For which I installed the 5332 driver that is patched for kernel 2.6
DeskTop 1:
CPU: dual core AMD64 x2 4800+
motherboard: tyan k8e s2865
RAM: Corsair xms 4GB 3200C2 (400)
Video Card: EVGA GeForce 6600GT 128MB
Monitor: 20 inch wide screen dell 2005FPW

DeskTop 2:
CPU: dual xeon 2.8GH 533 FSB
motherboard: SuperMicro X5DAL
Video Card: ASUS GeForce4 MX 440 AGP 8x (rev a2)
Monitor: Dual Display ViewSonic VA912b
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